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July 4th


Special Scaled Back Edition, Ep. 14, coming to you from a lake in Southern Maine! It's an extension of the "Nite Show Coast-to-Coast July 4th Celebration" which airs earlier in the evening on most Nite Show stations.

Liz Wood spent 4 incredible years with the University of Maine women's basketball program, making it to the NCAA Big Dance, and scoring more than 1,000 points in her career as a Black Bear. She made multiple apperances on The Nite Show both as a guest and in sketches. Upon graduating, she relocated back home to Virginia where she is working toward becoming a physician. She returns to The Nite Show in a continuation of her interview, which started earlier in the night on the 4th of July special.

Kamuela Kahoano visited Maine and The Nite Show stage back in 2013. He performed a song called "Grumpy," which happened to be playing on Hawai'i radio during the time Dan and his wife spent there on their honeymoon in 2007. Kamuela continues writing and performing absolutely incredible music, and he joins The Nite Show's 4th of July Special earlier in the evening to offer an at-home performance of his song "Hello World." For the regular late night edition, Kamuela's "web exclusive" performance from 2013 will be rebroadcast - "Loli'ana".