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May 29th

High School Nite!

Kids take over the show as The Nite Show presents the return of High School Nite. 

After a year off due to the pandemic, The Nite Show returns to High School Nite, featuring guests who are high school students in Maine! This year's edition is virtual, but represents the return of the next generation to late night TV!

Emily Paruk won Maine's Poetry Out Loud competition earlier this year. The Gorham High School senior also penned an original poem as a tribute to our teachers. She talks with Dan & Christie about the experience, poetry, and what's next!

Colin Aponte is a junior at John Bapst High School in Bangor and will perform an absolutely beautiful rendition of Salut d'Amour on the violin, accompanied by Wu Fei Mo. 

And while the 2021 Presidential Scholar Nominees have been named, Dan & Christie take a look at the less-prestigious 2021 Vice-Presidential Scholar Nominees.