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December 26th

The Nite Show Year in Review


Can't we just look back at 2019? 

Seriously. 2020 has been a lousy year on so many levels, but it has been a year full of silver linings for The Nite Show.

We started the year from our home base of The Gracie Theatre with a stage full of people who had been honored by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce with annual awards. After 7 shows at The Gracie, we had to move.

We did 1 "scaled back show" in a studio, before locking down in Dan's basement for another set of shows totalling more than a dozen. Interviews and performances included Lisa Loeb, Timothy Simons of "Veep," Andrea Barber of "Fuller House," and Noel Paul Stookey doing an adorable duet with Dan's daughter on "Puff The Magic Dragron." 

We returned to The Gracie with a new addition: Christie Robinson joining our team. She has been absolutely incredible and shares the stage every week with the also-incredible Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band, and the still-breathing Dan Cashman. 

SO, while we wish 2020 didn't have a global pandemic wreaking havoc on people's lives, families, traditions, and values; we are going to look back at some of our own little silver linings of laughs, music, and conversations, and hope it will put a smile on your face as well as the year draws to a close.

This show also represents the 550th show we have produced since 1997. Our 2nd show of the year was our 500th episode. That means we will have produced 51 new shows this year when it's all said and done. That's more than we have produced any other year. So, thank you for making The Nite Show a part of your weekend, through good times and bad, for more than a decade.