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May 23rd


Special Scaled Back Edition, Ep. 8

Bryan Cook and Aaron Hermes spent a good deal of time with Dan for the last two years of his college career. Bryan was one of his roommates, and Aaron was at the apartment more than another roommate (and was more likeable than the other roommate too!). They both appeared on the original version of The Nite Show in the late '90s as well. Bryan played in bands on the show, and was known to regular viewers as "Angus, the Old Drunk Bitter Scottish Guy." Aaron sang with the Maine Steiners, performed stand-up comedy, and was in sketches as well. Today, Aaron travels the world for his job, and Bryan is a writer for a national late night talk show. The three of them will get together on Zoom for what could be a fun chat, or the biggest mistake in the history of The Nite Show.

Brittany Parker first visited The Nite Show in the fall of 2019, both as an interview guest, and as a performer with her band Bee Parks & The Hornets. Her day-to-day routine finds her at The Strand in Rockland, which she talked about with Dan before busting into an amazing performance with her band that was heralded by Dan simply as "unique, fun, and impressive." He was right. Brittany returns for an "at home" solo performance that is sure to impress...again.