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June 29th

Original Air Date: November 17l, 2018

Bill Green is a multi-time Emmy winner and member of the Maine Sports Hall of Fame. He is the host of "Bill Green's Maine," a Saturday night staple on the stations of NewsCenter, and the weekly news feature "The Green Outdoors." 

The Veayo Twins Trio returns to The Nite Show for their fourth appearance on the show. Based in Central Maine, the two sister's harmonies are what sets this group apart.

Tom "Bones" Malone is one of the most saught-after musicians in the country. He's a performer, a writer, a composer, and an arranger, and he's arranged hundreds of pieces for television alone. You might recognize his work on "The Late Show with David Letterman" as a member of Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra for 22 years, or as a member of the Blues Brothers Band both in the movie and on SNL. He spent 10 years in the SNL band, 5 of which serving as musical director. Tom returns to Maine to sit in with Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band for the 4th time, adding a little extra sizzle to an already amazing showband.