Mustard and Music

Show Recap


Guests: Former Senate President Kevin Raye, a performance from Penobscot Theatre Company's production of "Elf: The Musical"

Gracie.jpgTonight's show was recorded before a live studio audience at Husson University's Gracie Theatre. Fun Fact: a former employee of "Cashman Communications" and a NESCom Grad designed the font used for The Gracie Theatre's logo. (This concludes today's fun fact. Wasn't that fun!?!?!?!?!)

The monologue started off with a string of jokes about Congressman Bruce Poliquin and his pursuit to convince people that he didn't lose re-election to Congress. One of our guests, Kevin Raye, challenged Bruce Poliquin in the Republican Primary for Congress in 2014. Mr. Poliquin won that contest, but we have to wonder if Mr. Raye heard the jokes from backstage, and if he chuckled. I guess there are some secrets that will just remain secrets.

After the monologue, Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band played Dan over to the desk and Dan unofficially kicked off The Nite Show Holiday Season by introducing the audience to The Nite Show Christmas Tree. It's decorated with 8 years worth of ornaments from guests of the show. They include a State of Maine ornament from Governor LePage, a Beatles 45 from Big 104's Mike Dow, rolling papers from Portland Press Herald Columnist Bill Nemitz, a picture of WABI TV5's Wayne Harvey from author and Mrs. Harvey, Courtney Harvey, and an actual banana from 2010. We don't remember where the banana came from , but it's still with the tree...and it's sort of petrified itself. In any case, Merry Christmas!

Screen-Shot-2018-12-08-at-1-48-05-PM.pngAfter the tree, Dan opened his victory box from Andrea Elson of "ALF." The box arrived a few weeks ago after the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers in the World Series. Dan and Andrea had a bet. If the Dodgers had won (not at all likely), Dan was to send Andrea blue things from Maine. But when the Red Sox won, Andrea sent red things from California: wine, ketchup to put on an In-And-Out Burger, an In-And-Out Burger, and avocadoes for us to put on our red lobster salad. The "kicker" of the bit was going to be Dan eating the In-And-Out Burger on video tape when it arrived. He actually DID use the real In-And-Out Burger for the video...even though he later admitted that he should have used a stunt double. Lesson learned! BUT...what Dan apparently didn't know or expect was that the avocadoes would go bad after sitting in a Priority Mail box in a storage room for two weeks. He says he didn't open the box until he did it on camera. And I saw those avocadoes. They were covered in mold. Dan dutifully held them up for all to see...but I wouldn't plan on shaking his hand again for at least a couple of months if I were you. The Burger Bit got a nice laugh. One person on our staff thought it was funny how quickly Dan got into and out of the bit, given that it involved an In-And-Out Burger. It's the little details that make us all chuckle!

IR2A5019.JPGKevin Raye entered to Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band playing "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." Get the mustard connection? That, plus the fact that we had a bit involving a cheeseburger tonight just means that somewhere, Mayor McCheese's head might have exploded. Back to Kevin. He talked about the state of politics today, and shared a lovely story about the late President George HW Bush. Then, Dan and Kevin talked mustard. It turns out that Raye's Mustard Mill has just officially been designated as a museum. Does that mean a higher price for mustard? We hope not! Kevin then gave Dan an official Raye's Mustard ornament for the tree, made from real wood! Ironically, that's the only thing on the tree that is actual wood. Who wouldda thunk it!?!? Left on the cutting room floor was Dan's question to Kevin about future plans to run for office. Kevin basically said not right now, but he held on to his campaign signs "just in case." He also said he would need approval from his wife Karen. That's the most important constituent of all!

IMG_0796.JPGAfter a break, Buddy the Elf came by for a performance from "Elf: The Musical" at Penobscot Theatre. Buddy was wearing green. Before we taped this show, they had already basically sold out the entire run of the show. They did add a show, but it might also be sold out. Get your tickets now! Or, find a good scalper! Wait. That might be illegal. Don't do that. In any case, if you have tickets, you'll love it. The performance from Buddy was incredible. other news, this might be the only show in the history of late night talk shows where we had a segment with a direct set of references to "ALF" and a segment with a performance from an "ELF." Now THAT'S a good way to confuse the closed caption people!

And that was it for Dec. 8, 2018. We have 2 new "theater shows" coming up before 3-4 weeks of Winter Highlight Specials and a week or two of reruns. I'm not going to give anything away, but there is a parody of a Bangor/Maine treasure coming up next week. Plan to watch it. Our audience LOVED it in the theater. We hope you will too. 

Thanks for watching! Happy Hanukkah and we'll see you next week!

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