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May 20th - Special Time

Originally aired May 9, 2015

"A Nite Show Salute to David Letterman"

Paying tribute to the man who reinvented late night TV, David Letterman. Dave holds the record for number of shows and number of years holding court behind a desk on late night television, but he also reinvented the way we watched TV that late at night. If YouTube were around when Dave was at his peak, he would have defined viral videos. Instead, millions of college students and other fans of the weird and whacky would be forced to stay up way past their bedtime to find out what Dave would do next. It was a nightly experiment in broadcast excellence, and one that is sorely missing now that Dave has been gone for nearly 2 years.

The Nite Show pays tribute to Dave in an episode that originally aired just before his departure in 2015. Among the highlights: an interview with Dave's longtime warm up comic, Eddie Brill; an interview with a Mainer who appeared in a classic Letterman skit; and thoughts from famous Mainers on Dave's goodbye.

WABI TV 5 (Bangor): Saturday, May 20 at 7:30 p.m.