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October 10th

All New!

Brittany Parker first visited The Nite Show about a year ago to talk about the incredible things happening at her home base of The Strand in Rockland. She returned to the show, from home, for a beautiful rendition of "Rainbow Connection" during our Scaled-Back editions. She makes a THIRD appearance on the show to talk about "The Glitch Witch." It's part of Penobscot Theatre Company's Digitus Theatrum - an innovative season of creativity and programming available to subscribers and ticket holders at home. "The Glitch Witch" is a magical musical written and performed by Brittany. It centers around Wyn, who comes from a long line of witches, but cannot seem to harness the magic herself. 

Bee Parks & The Hornets make a return to The Nite Show stage to add some buzz to the show. They will perform the catchy and uplifting original, "Bee Yourself."