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February 19th

All New!

Morgan Sturdivant has been a guest on The Nite Show in the past, and was also a participant in our sketch where we enlisted some familiar faces to participate in a physical challenge from "Double Dare" only to surprise them with the OG host of the show, Marc Summers. Then, Morgan left news. But now she's back! She is the Assistant News Director at WABI TV5 in Bangor, and anchors TV5 News at Noon. She has also spent time at News 8, WMTW in Portland. She returns to The Nite Show with great pomp and wonderful circumstance!

Speaking of guests who appear in sketches, Whoopy Kat had a short, but memorable appearance in our parody of "Walk Like An Egyptian" called "Woke Up in the County." They are making their first performance appearance on The Nite Show. 

AND, Dan or Christie is gonna get it. Get what? A pie (or pies) in the face following their fundraising efforts for the Pine Tree Camp as part of the 49th Annual Dysart's Snowmobile Ride In / Q106.5 Celebrity Egg Ride. Their own competition amongst themselves called for the person who raises the most money to pie the other person in the face. 1 pie for every $50 they are outraised. See who gets pied on an all new episode of The Nite Show!

See this episode recorded live on Wednesday, February 16!