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May 28th

All New!
High School Nite 2022

High School guests, crew, and audience members bring us the much anticipated return to High School Nite!

Caleb Hayes made news twice around the Can-Am Sled Dog Races. The 17-year-old had to deal with a rampaging moose while practicing for the cross-border event; and then during the race itself he became ill with mild hypothermia. Hear this Maine high school student's amazing story from the sled dog trails on The Nite Show!

Random Ideas will be making their Nite Show debut. The all-female triplet punk rock band released their album We Met In the Womb in 2020 and has become known for their high energy and punk rock sound with powerful lyrics that address human rights and social issues. 

After a virtual High School Nite in 2021, and an outright cancelation in 2020 - both due to COVID - this marks the first time high school students return to a special edition of The Nite Show, just for them, since 2019!