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March 6th

Radio Month
All New!

Mindy Thomas kicks off the inaugural Radio Month on The Nite Show.

Mindy is the host of the enormously popular Absolutely Mindy show on Kids Place Live on Sirius XM, and the host of the Wow in the World podcast through NPR. Wow in the World just topped 100 million downloads, and recently recieved the Award for Best Kids & Family Podcast from iHeartRadio. Wow in the World spawned Thomas' latest book: "Wow in the World: The How and the Wow of the Human Body," set to release on Tuesday, March 2. This will be Mindy's first appearance on The Nite Show.

Radio Month will celebrate the art of radio. Throughout March, The Nite Show will welcome radio guests from various forms of the medium. A guest from satellite radio, internet radio, terrestrial radio, and podcasting will join the show throughout the month.