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August 14th

Original Air Date: March 6, 2021

Mindy Thomas is the host of "Absolutely Mindy" on Sirius XM's KidsPlace Live, as well as the co-host of "Wow in the World" and co-author of "Wow in the World: The How and the Wow of the Human Body." An expert communicator, and an icon to kids and parents alike, Mindy Thomas kicked of "Radio Month" for The Nite Show, appearing virtually to talk about her book, which - at the time - had yet to be released. This was her first appearance on The Nite Show.

As the pandemic changed the way we do things, did it also change TV shows? The Nite Show thinks so as we re-imagined a game show classic: "PandemicMarket Sweep." This version has clear differences from the original show, "Supermarket Sweep," but one constant is the host as David Ruprecht makes a special appearance on The Nite Show to virtually host "PandemicMarket Sweep," taking place at Brewer's Tiller & Rye grocery store.