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April 11th


Special Scaled Back Edition, Ep. 2

Mike Dow has been one of the most frequent guests of The Nite Show over the years. He was among the first guests when the show first started in 1997, and returned many times between 1997 - 2002 as a guest (in his days with The Mike & Mike Show), in skits, and in surprise appearances. When the show returned to the airwaves in 2010, Mike was among the most supportive of the idea, and has returned as a guest to The Nite Show stage both at the Next Generation Theatre, and at The Gracie. Mike is now the host of The BIG Morning Show with Mike Dow on Big 104, and visits The Nite Show around the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of its first air date.

Christie Robinson has appeared in several productions for Penobscot Theatre Company and all over the country. She has also appeared on The Nite Show most recently to join Steve Young and Steve Robbins for a performance of "Diesel Dazzle" from the film "Bathtubs Over Broadway." She returns to The Nite Show as the first musical guest featured on the special scaled back edition, and the show marking the 23rd anniversary of the original version of The Nite Show.