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December 21st

All new!

Ric Tyler is a friend of the show who has appeared in sketches, and as a guest a number of times in the show's 22 year history as host of the "George Hale/Ric Tyler Show" on WVOM, anchor at NewsCenter, and forecaster at ABC 7 in Bangor. He returns to the show as host of the Greater Bangor Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards, which is scheduled for Friday, January 24. This year, The Nite Show is being honored with the Chamber's first ever award for Arts & Culture. Ric pops in to talk about the awards and prove why he is one of the greatest talk show guests in all of New England.

It's become a tradition, Anna Roman, Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band, Opus Trio, and the Hampden Academy Chamber Singers come together as one to form the largest musical production assembled for a Christmas performance television in Maine to perform Darlene Love's classic "Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)." Done by Darlene Love herself with Paul Shaffer and the band on Letterman's shows for more than 25 years, great care was always taken to replicate the original as much as possible. Brian and the band spearhead this effort for The Nite Show, aiming to give honor to both the original version and what viewers were treated to every year on Letterman. Whether you've seen it several times or not at all, The Nite Show's rendition of this peppy Christmas classic is one you won't want to miss.

Sock Puppet Santa returns to The Nite Show to present his annual "Naughty List." Are you on it? We hope not, but you better watch to find out...and you better not cry!