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November 17th

All New!

Bill Green is the host of one of Maine's longest running most iconic local television shows, "Bill Green's Maine." A multi-time EMMY Award Winner and member of the Maine Sports Hall of Fame, Green has spent thousands of hours broadcasting on the stations of WLBZ and WCSH as a reporter, anchor, and host. Last month, Bill reported on the Red Sox run to the World Series, traveling to games at Fenway, New York, Houston, and Los Angeles where the Sox won their 4th Series in 14 years. 

The Veayo Twins Trio returns to The Nite Show the first time since 2016. The Veayo Twins first performed on The Nite Show when the band was still just a duo. Their rich harmonies and songwriting abilities have always been a hit with Nite Show viewers!

Tom "Bones" Malone is a multi-talented musician who has performed with - arranged for - and been an integral part of - such showbiz legendary bands as Paul Shaffer & The CBS Orchestra (Letterman); The Blues Brothers Band; and the Saturday Night Live Band. Malone performs regularly with the country's top musicians around the world and is consistently in high demand for his musical talents. Bones will be sitting in with Brian Nadeau & The Nite Show Band, performing Blues Brothers tunes to commemmoratre the 35th anniversary of the release of "Briefcase Full of Blues."