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May 14th

All New!

Jen Shepard will transform herself into Dr. Ruth Westheimer for the lead role in Penobscot Theatre Company's production of "Becoming Dr. Ruth." Shepard is no stranger to the stage, having appeared at Penobscot Theatre in the past, and currently serving as executive director of Bangor's professional theater company. She's also co-owner of Improv Acadia, which also sets up shop in Downtown Bangor. She's making her first appearance on The Nite Show.

Skye Washington is another business owner in Bangor utilizing her craft. In this case, it's fitness. SkyeFitness is a boutique fitness studio in Downtown Bangor. She's visiting The Nite Show to offer Dan & Christie a quick lesson in barre. 

It's May, and that means it's time to once again run down the annual list of Mainers - just like us - who have Never Won an Emmy!