Tapings are Fun and Free!

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One of the things we hear a lot is "I would come see your show, but it's too late for me. I'll just watch it on TV."

Well, unless you are early to bed OR in another time zone, it's not too late at all.

The Nite Show records about 8-10 times each year, almost always on Wednesday nights. We record multiple shows at the same time, so we start at 6 p.m.

We don't lock the doors. That means that you can arrive late if you wish, or you can leave after just one show if you need some shut-eye. 

We try to emulate the big guys as much as we can, but we CAN'T do everything they do.

For example, they almost always record one show at a time. They're in New York or Los Angeles, so they have more people to fill their audience. So they can use one audience for one show, and then an entirely new audience for the next show, even if it records the same night.

We have food in the lobby of Husson University's Gracie Theatre from Moe's Original Bar B Que. They usually offer wings and sliders for purchase. 

We have giveaways - quite often tickets to concerts, sports, events and a chance at cash. 

And...all this is for free. 

We could use your help spreading the word...and we would love to see you. Find tickets and details here!